Public Works:

Puri is an oldest town of Odisha with historical background. Its infrastructure not yet been changed. There are only 3/4 main road and many lanes and by lanes. Improvement of road and drainage is primary duty of the Puri Municipality. Due to development of new localities, construction of road and drainage system is absolutely necessary. Underground sewerage system is under progress in the town, which will be completed recently. All the roads having tourist importance are restored by the Puri Municipality before Car festival each year. One Children’s Park has been established by Puri Municipality at Baliapanda with private participation. Lot of works are there to be taken up. Municipal Council is aware about this and taking all possible steps for getting funds and improvement of roads and drains.


Sanitation promotes health improves the quality of the environment and thus, the quality of life in a community. Sanitation refers that to the safe collection, transportation and treatment of human waste. Beside this Puri Municipality provide 592 nos. of Swachh Sainik for early morning/evening sweeping drain cleaning, fogging, mosquito oils spraying and brush cutting in 32 nos. of wards regularly. Further Puri Municipality has provided 3682 nos. Of individual house hold latrine (IHHL) under its judication and 27 nos. of community toilets for those who have no space to construct their own land.

Being a tourist place puri has a floating population from 50(thousand) to 1(Lakh). To cater above said floating population in terms of sanitation Puri Municipality has built 21 nos. of public toilets in its highly forthfill area.

For all above said works Puri Municipality is also certify as ODF++ from Govt. of India on dt. 20.08.2021.


Sanitation Plan

City Sanitation Plan for Puri ...

LED Street Light:

Street light of the town is being managed by the Puri Municipality. Illumination and beautification of Sea beach area are done by the assistance of Tourism Deptt. and maintained by Puri Municipality. Besides, 143 Nos of High Mast lights are provided in different places like, Lions gate, Sea beach area, swargadwar, Penthakata, Gundicha temple, Swetaganga, Atharnala, Indradyumna, Narendra, Markanda, Netaji Subash Bose chhak, Acharya Harihar chhak, Rly.Stn chhak, Matiapara sqr. , VIP road Darajipokhari sqr and both side of Grand Road. etc. Light with low consumption of energy have been provided in the town from Atharnala to Sea beach. All the localities of the town are provided with different type of 7262 Nos of LED lights. The LED Street Lights are automatically on off trough 312 Nos of computerised control monitoring system (CCMS). Besides 30 Nos of road under in 9 wards are taken for electrification under green field project. In festive occasions special efforts are being taken for better lighting.

The climate of the town is not suitable for proper maintenance of the street light. All the possible steps are being taken for repair and maintenance of the light with the assistance of Puri Electrical Division. High rate of electric consumption bill is a burden on the Municipality, whereas taxation on street light is low.

Waste to Wealth:

Solid Waste Management

Puri Municipality has adopted the principle of “Waste to Wealth” which not only focuses on the reduction of waste in the town but also emphasizes on socio-economic-participatory development of the community through the ‘3R Principle’ of Reduction, Reuse and Recycle.

  • Solid Waste Management is an essential service provided by the municipality and it is associated with control of generation, storage, collection, transport or transfer, processing and disposal of solid waste in a way that best addresses the range of public health, conservation, economic, aesthetic, engineering, and other environmental considerations.
  • Odisha’s Solid Waste management model is a decentralized & community driven model with MCC and MRF. Co-located and together named as a Wealth Centre.
  • As per the Standard Operating Procedure on decentralized solid waste management of Govt of Odisha, the Puri Municipality has planned to establish 10 Micro Composting Centers as Aerobic Composting for Wet Waste and 06 Material Recovery Facilities for Dry Wastes.
  • In MCC(Micro Composting Centre), aerobic composting process is involved in microbial decomposition of wet waste collected from the households/commercial establishments thereby converting the wet waste into organic manure branded as “MO KHATTA”.
  • The recyclables and non-recyclables are segregated from dry waste. The recyclable are sold to registered vendors generating revenue for the Wealth centers. The Non recyclable waste are sent to cement factory for co-processing.
  • The entire process leads to financial empowerment of The Self Help Group (SHG) members and Rag pickers group who generate “wealth from waste”.
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    Solid Waste management in Puri Municipality Area...


    Innovatiin and Best Practices

    Innovation and Best Practices for "Waste To Wealth" ...

    Community Toilet and Public Toilet (CT/PT):

    Community toilet: A community toilet is a facility which is built when there is no space available or when there are financial constraints for constructing an IHHL. It is used, owned and maintained by community members. It is mostly located within the community, where people reside.

    Public Toilet: A public toilet is a room or small building with toilets (or urinals) and sinks for use by the general public. The facilities are available to customers, travelers, employees of a business, school pupils and prisoners and are commonly separated into male and female toilets, although some are unisex, especially for small or single-occupancy public toilets. Increasingly, public toilets are accessible to people with disabilities

    There are 18 Public Toilet and 21 Community Toilet are in Functiinal mode in Puri Municipality.


    Community Toilet

    21 Community Toilets are functional in Puri Municipality Area...


    Public Toilet

    18 Public Toilets are functional in Puri Municipality Area ...

    Express Cleaning Service:

    Puri Municipality has started the Express Cleaning Service since 15/08/2019 basing on the huge response from commercial institutions. The service is extended to all business establishments including Hotels and Lodging by collection of segregated wastes on payment basis.



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    Solid Waste

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