Street light


Street light of the town is being managed by the Puri Municipality. Illumination and beautification of Sea beach area are done by the assistance of Tourism Deptt. and maintained by Puri Municipality. Besides, some High Mast lights are provided in different places like, Lions gate, Sea beach area, swargadwar, Penthakata, Gundicha temple, Swetaganga, Atharnala, Indradyumna, Narendra, Markanda, Netaji Subash Bose chhak, Acharya Harihar chhak, Rly.Stn chhak, Matiapara sqr. , VIP road Darajipokhari sqr. etc. Light with low consumption of energy have been provided in the town from Atharnala to Sea beach. All the localities of the town are provided with Sodium and tube lights. In festive occasions special efforts are being taken for better lighting.
The climate of the town is not suitable for proper maintenance of the street light. All the possible steps are being taken for repair and maintenance of the light with the assistance of Puri Electrical Division. High rate of electric consumption bill is a burden on the Municipality, whereas taxation on street light is low.