Puri Municipality was constituted on 1.4.1881 as per Bengal Municipal Act vide Notification dated 25.1.1881 duly published in the Calcutta Gazette on 26.1.1881, comprising an area of 16.84 Sq. K.M.
                        Puri is a place of pilgrims and tourists. It is famous for Lord Jagannath and golden Sea Beach. It attracts all the religious pilgrims as well as tourists of the country and abroad. Apart from permanent population of about 2.01 lakhs, floating population of Puri always remain about 1 lakh daily and more on festive occasions. The climate of Puri is also good for health due to geographical situation. It is situated on 19.28 North to 20.13 Latitude and 84.29 East to 86.25 Longitude. This town is surrounded by Bay of Bengal in South and Eastern side and it is the headquarter of the Dist. administration. Tourism, Fishing, Handicrafts are main income source of the inhabitants of the town. Income generation from tourists mostly flowing from West Bengal. Apart from that pilgrim all over India visit Puri through out the year and mostly on the religious festive days.
            Total population of this town is 2.01 Lakhs according to 2011 census. (to be approved) According to 2008 Municipal election, total no. of voters are 1,42,199. According to the 2011 Census the population of Puri Municipality is 2,00,564. Read More>

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