Chair person

Puri city is a holy city of the Hindus as a part of the original Char Dham piligrimages, the holy land of Lord Jagannath, with also a good sea beach. Due to coming of large number of tourists and consisting of 32 wards for a population of 2.07 lakhs, Puri Municipality is functioning with 32 no. of Councilors' covering an area of 16.84 Sq. Kilometer with the help of local representatives as well as common citizens of the City; we are trying to make the city clean and green. I, as the CHAIRMAN fully committed and dedicated to address the needs of the citizens through effective management and transparency in the administration. However, It could only be possible with sincere co-operation of all citizens of Puri City. Hence, mutual understanding and goodwill among the citizens, Councillors, officers and staff of Puri Municipality are essential for achieving objectives and delivering services to the people.

Jay Jagannath,

Jayanta Kumar Sarangi,
Chairman,Puri Municipality